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Thought I pull together a few items as I personalise my New VW California Beach.


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Diane (my wife) and myself (Keith) have always loved camping but the ultimate for us since those early days of the family trailer tent was always a VW Campervan. We wanted a practical vehicle that we could use 365 days a year and not one of those big monstrosities that are parked up for the majority of the year and restrict you when you want to get about.

However we always like a big bed particularly after spending many years sleeping in our Horse lorry box on a 4 foot wide bed. It seems as you get older in bed you need a bit more space !!!!  

Diane cooks all year so if we are away we now tend to eat out although small snacks would occasionally be nice. Tea and Coffee needs to be on tap.

When we saw this van in our local dealers at the same time our endowment became due it was perfect. The downstairs bed was huge and gave us the feeling of space. The upstairs bed is an option for a quick overnight stay where you need a bit more space downstairs and the drive away awning is not up.

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