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Thought I pull together a few items as I personalise my New VW California Beach.



Wind Deflectors


Cooking TBA

Entertainment TBA


Obviously the VW Californis Beach comes with no hook up but it does have a leisure battery. My thoughts on power were to have everything 12 volts. This gives me the flexibility particularly in warmer weather of not requiring a hook up (EHU) for an overnight stay.

Immediate power requirements would be lights, TV/DVD player, cooler box whilst driving/EHU and charging for our phones and Ipad.

With everything 12 volts it will run off the Leisure battery while battery power is available.

Utilising the space under the drivers seat and the ease of access from the rear I have installed sockets with RCD and a CTEK MXS10 smart charger.


The output from the charger to the Leisure battery easily pushes under the strip running behind the seats. You can just about make out the wire as it goes under the seats. Using the spare fly lead bolted onto the battery it makes it easy to disconnect should you want to use the charger elsewhere. The CTEK can be connected all the time when in the vehicle.

Bought this off eBay and modified so as to give a short lead under the seat that can be tucked away. Main lead can be stored in the van and got out if required.

The Sockets and RCD fit nicely on the front spar of the drivers seat using 3 cable ties. 2 onto the spar itself and a third just to pull it level on the left here from the cable input flange down through a hole at the bottom. Solid as a rock with enough room at the bottom to push 13 amp plugs through from the drivers well.

The short lead and any other 240 plug leads can easily be fed through the front of the drivers seat and plugged in from the back. With the seats turned round the drivers footwell is unused space.

I am reluctant at the moment to take the connection out of the floor of the vehicle at the moment but I see under the drivers seat carpet cutout there is a grommet that later will give me an option should I see a solution later. At the moment I will hang it out the drivers window. I have fitted wind deflectors on both doors so rain will not be an issue hopefully.

When hooked up a small fan heater can be connected. Looking for something about 500w so it can run off my Honda 650 generator


Usage Update : October 2012

Just completed a trip to Derbyshire and Barmouth. It was cold and rainy for most the time. EHU at both locations. Charger worked as expected with the option of 12v supply instead of programmed charging. Heater as shown was more than adequate for the camper with half setting or off the majority of time. Camper dog Jack Russel had to be continually moved from the gap between the seats as she does love the heat. Slight draft from window where I had fed out the cable but stopped with supplied curtain.

Looking up the estuary from barmouth

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